Thursday, June 17, 2010

On making Lists……

The first thing I did when I proposed to take a long leave from work is to list out the things I wanted to do - work to be completed, skills to be learnt, books to be read, movies to be watched and of course, a blog to be initiated.
Thus yet another ‘list’ of things to be done was made. Knowing me I would probably complete 50% of what I had planned to do. What then is the point in making a list. Well, without a list I would probably not get around to even one tenth of what I intend to do. The idea is not to tick off each and every entry in the list like a tourist ticking off places to be seen without really ‘soaking’ in the ambience of the places he visits. If I set my mind to do that, I would end up tensed and worried and that would be the end of my happy holidays.
My list is a broad framework within which I would move here and there, trying this and that, giving up some, taking on some and generally dabbling in whatever I fancy. I would like to think of my list more as a guide, somewhat like an ancient traveler, looking up to the stars for guidance while traversing uncharted territory.
And so here it is:

Start a Blog to share some Vignettes of my life
Books - Genius, Chandra, Museums of Innocence
Carnatic Music – Listen a lot and learn to identify raagas
World music
Browsing - an account of blogs visited
Tamil blogs
Read Kurunthogai and Kamba Ramayanam
Siru pathirikai
Make a Record of Abi’s writings / drawings
Read Poetry

Activities: –
Practice Veena
Join a Keyboard Class
Microwave cooking (??? LOL)
Learn French

For a start I am now listening to music everyday - T.M.Krishna is my favourite now. And I have also started practising the Veena. So friends egg me on, tease me and torment me about the list. Maybe I will be inspired to attempt all of that.


Sachidanand Mohanty said...

Here's wishing Godspeed to an atheist!!!

Sachidanand Mohanty said...

I was wondering about how life consists of moments and minutes and hours and days and weeks and months and six-months and years ... and pretty soon, a lifetime is spent ... may be, 50 revolutions around the sun or 80.

Should one live in the moment? Should one despair in the ultimate meaningless of it all? I don't know ...

chakraz said...

very earnest beginning , i should say. i am really impressed/

wen u knw the purpose of existance, u knw, u have lived a life worth living!! said...

microwave cooking? ia anna lookin at this now? :P

u have inspired me now..! meet you with my BLOG! very soon!

jane said...

Hi, TMK is my favourite too. I would llike you to listen to B'bay Jaishri as well, so that we can discuss that too.

Balu said...

First I envied, because you got a chance to list your wishes.

Knowing you, I found the list like a "pale blue dot"

Anyway good keep it up.

Somewhere at sometimes, whenever it is possible, like a parasite I will suck the knowledge from you, at the times when your imunesystem is weak.