Monday, August 2, 2010

Message to Graduates

I do not remember who presided over my Graduation Ceremony nor what he or she spoke. Obviously the speech was not much to remember - nothing too inspirational. Not that a motivational speech would change the lives of all those who listen. But it is a tradition that as the students leave the portals of their college and move on to higher studies or to take up a job, a few tips from an experienced achiever would kind of illuminate their way. Maybe the charged up nature of the atmosphere would increase the impact of such a motivating speech.

Happened to listen to the Commencement Speech of Marissa Mayer, VP of Google, given at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2009. Though she claims to be a shy person towards the end of the speech, the advice she delivers is powerful and timeless. Being from Google, the search engine, the central point of her speech was 'Find.'

1. Find something that you are really passionate about.

2. Find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them.

3. Find allies rather than adorers.

4. Find the courage to do things you are not ready to do.

5. Find places where you're comfortable with.

6. You can help others find things. Be an information fountain.

I hope our College going children would use the Internet to listen to such speeches, learn about inspiring people and acquire knowledge from the vast ocean of material available in the websites of Universities of MIT, Stanford etc.,. Our own IIT professors have recorded several lectures and posted them in Youtube.

I really wish youngsters would stop playing Farmville and Mafia wars in Facebook and use the World wide web for acquiring knowledge. Do I sound like an old hag?


Sachidanand Mohanty said...

Thought provoking ...

Makes me think about many ironies ...

I have noticed that various education videos or inspirational videos available on YouTube have been seen by far fewer people compared to, for example, Hotel California.

I was thinking that really the world is the way it is because of very few people.

There are really very few people who change the world in some ways: I can think of scientists and engineers working at the cutting edge creating cutting edge stuff that stretch the envelope of human capability.

I think of researchers working in the vast field of medical sciences who find new stuff.

Scientists doing pure research in the fundamental sciences such as Physics.

Perhaps there are people numbering in the thousands who 'create' the revolutionary stuff and then the rest of us, the teeming millions and billions merely enjoying them or consume them.

Think of airplanes or iPhones or MS Office or Windows or ... so many other stuff that has made life so much more convenient.

Alas ...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

true geetha! I would like to echo with your words!!!One inspirational speech or thought sowed in our hearts can make all the difference!

WE IN OUR OWN SMALL WAY CAN make a differnce!!!.. what you need is thirst for knowledge , recognition of your passion and a free spirit!!!

Balu said...

Very nice to see the posts, since I have been travelling, i couldn't find time to comment on many of your posts (i have read), which I want to and do liesurely.

The moment we say that "these young generation" it means we are getting old.

the farmville and mafia wars has seduced many across all generation.

Anyway not to miss your point, there are some university lectures too uploaded, I love that, sometimes feel like going and sitting in those classrooms.

There are lecturers who actually don't attempt to motivate you to higher levels, but simply create interest in living itself.

prema -just sharing my thoughts said...

hai, what a wonderful speech, if only some one had told me to atleast 3 out of the 6 qualities,on my graduation, I think I would have improved more.. well kudos to Marissa Meyers and you too for bringing this out... hope my children are motivated when i show them this clip..... good job....