Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adore or Ignore ????

(I thought translating the dialogue into English would not convey the essence of the conversation. And I know the limited readership of my blog includes just two guys who can't understand Tamil. To those two guys : In case you happen to read this post and in case you are curious to know the meaning, send me a mail)

Getting my daughter to sleep is the toughest task in the entire day. She will have a hundred things to say and a million questions to ask. I will have to listen patiently to her anecdotes and answer her queries, all the time reminding her it was well past her bed time. Last night, when all my efforts to keep her quiet failed, I switched on my Mobile and made her listen to her favourite song from the movie 'Mozhi.' That kept her quiet for exactly 1 minute. And then it started:

Abi: Amma, movie -la andha ponnu peru Archana dhane ...

Amma: Mmmm

Abi: Ava nija peru enna?

Amma: Jyotika, ok ippo thoongu ...

Abi: Amma, ava kamal dhane marriage panni kitta?

Amma: :) Illa Surya

Abi: Andha innoru ponnu peru enna?

Amma: Swarnamalya - seri, thoongu da ...

Abi: Ava yaara marriage pannikitta?

Amma: Ava marriage pannikale..

Abi: Appo baby?

Amma: No baby for her

Abi: Appadi kooda irukalama? Appo naanum marriage pannike poradhu illa. Enakku boys pidikadhu. I adore boys.

Amma: ?????

Abi: Adore na enna amma?

Amma: Romba pidikum

Abi: Ayyo, appo I ignore boys. I hate them.

Amma: :) (thinking... hmm seri seri, naan kooda appadi dhan solli kittu irundhen ..)


Balu said...

Most girl child I have noticed are the same, even after adolescence they keep saying I hate boys. Boys are opposite, they are ready to get married even at very young age. My encounter with Pratham (Jillu’s son) he calls me aala (no meaning) and my wife maasi (aunty)
Pratham : aala when did you get married?
Me : Long time back
Pratham : where was I then?
Me: why do you want to know.
Pratham : I could have also married maasi along with you
Me: $%?*###***

mesmerised said...

ha ha!! am sad u limited your blog's readership...!! :)
PS - i know why abi thought jyotika married kamal :) (vettayadu vilayadu effect??)

krishnakumar said...

so she hates boys. Boys hate girls when they are young. Boy!!(or Girl!!) Do they change. Makes the world go round,I guess.

jane said...

Ha Ha, Naanum idhayedhaan sonnen, chinnavalayirundhppo

prema -just sharing my thoughts said...

I fullly agree with your daughter ..I dont know whether to adore or ignore.. ...I wonder when they will grow up to be men and at times wonder why do they not understand boys.