Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tulir - of hope and courage....

The Corporation Schools in Chennai have done a wonderful job in association with Tulir, an organisation working towards prevention and healing of child sexual abuse. These schools have prominently displayed boards which tell children about safe and unsafe touches and this has made some students come forward and share with their teachers the abuse faced by them. A very good initiative and it is high time that child sexual abuse is not talked about in hushed tones. It is better to realize the wide existence of it and address the issue as the damage it causes is severe trauma for the innocent children. All the schools should come forward to display such boards and talk about the subject to the children and more importantly train the teachers to handle the issue. Workshops for teachers on counselling techniques are being organized by Tulir, the NGO and it is up to the schools to invite them to visit their schools and talk to the students as well as the administrators.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful school,Planning to admit my kid there.