Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amazing rescue effort.

The Chile miners rescue operation is a concerted effort involving several people - scientists, technicians, ministers, psychologists and more. I am intrigued by the so many thanks sent heavenwards ... Why did the omnipotent god let such an incident happen and then wait for 69 days before intervening to help them? I feel thanking a non existent being is somehow belittling those who toiled day and night orchestrating the rescue efforts; though coming to think of it, some of those very people might consider themselves as divine tools...Beats me.

On the 17th day, the first message from the miners was received saying they were alive....

And now the operation is in full swing...already thirteen of them have been rescued. Hope it is completed successfully.

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Balu said...

Just read this link

What was God doing in most of this occassion.

One theory is the Devil concept. Now as you said in your post why does God always allow the Devil to take the first step.
Second theory is God want's to test and wants us to learn. Why did God create such a stupid creature which doesn't learn inspite of so many tests.