Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An interesting blog

In my journey in the blogosphere, I have come across several good blogs and I frequently share some of these. This blog is quite interesting and appears to be very promising. There are several good posts nested in it. The blogger Ed Yong is young and enthusiastic and is set to go a long way. Watch out for him.


Kishores said...

Lot of very interesting posts in archives - seems to be well-researched and sincere attempt to break down the hi-fi stuff. Thanks for help in making me spend 'yawning' lunch time usefully.

Blot title will change once sabbatical comes to end 'theoretically'?

Geetha said...

@ Kishores

Glad you checked it out.

Oh yeah, I need to think about the blog title. It was meant to be maintained only for the sabbatical period. But now that I am hooked to it, I may have to think...Maybe I will wriggle out of it by saying - after all spending time on the virtual world is the sabbatical ... What do you say?

Kishores said...

Point 1. There is no 'hooked to it' - blogging is a purposeful exercise in articulation of ideas and expressing self. You need not 'wriggle out' of choosing a title with limited validity - it can just be continued.

Point 2. The justification is apt. Taking time off one's mundane tasks can be put under 'sabbatical'. So 'Sabbatical' gets life time validity!

Kishores said...

Addendum: the by-line to the title needs amendment.