Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Extraordinarily good conversation


Balu said...

Most of the people around me view me as an emotionless creature, being too practical. Now I find someone in her sabbatical leave, making me cry and laugh alone. Last video of Joel burns made me cry alone and this one made me laugh alone.
There is less rice left in the container, a refill had to be ordered. The microwave needs a repair. There is a problem in my telephone ECS debit. All my pens on my desk have empty refills. I need to buy a new pair of shoes because each one I have has different problems. I should remember that when I leave, first thing I should do is fill petrol.
And many more such things I forgot and was totally engrossed in their conversation. I was wondering if I could be like one of them talking there, how many mundane things I can forget at that time.
Of course, my wife will never forgive me for keeping the milk for boiling on the stove before starting of the conversation and removing it during the question hour. It’s too hard to erase the evidence now (there is a new black vessel).

Geetha said...

@ Balu

Thank you... I am glad to reach out to people who share the same world view as mine. And all the mundane things you talk about - I have a lot more on my list to attend to. But it is wonderful to forget the routine and immerse yourself in the sublime. Ah..this is life.